A Question of Originality

One of the most argued subjects around the rally field is the originality of a tractor, and one of the worst tractors to be chopped and changed in its time was the Marshall, so when restoring a tractor how far do you go, with originality, that is.

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Marshall History Pt.1 Britannia News 1958

The following is taken from the works newsletter ‘Britannia News Vol.1 No.1’ dated February 1958 with images courtesy of the Gainsborough Heritage Centre and additional notes by their Chairman Andrew Birkitt.

It is thought that there are many comparatively new employees of the Company who know very little about its early history and associations, and it is intended to supply this information, in suitable instalments, in the pages of this journal.

The records have been examined with this object in view, and this month we shall cover the years 1848 to 1862.

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