Other Products

Between the years of 1848 and 1855 the main work carried out by William Marshall was as general millwrights, blacksmithing & wrought iron work and farm machinery repairs. Moulds of every description were used for brass & iron castings. There is also evidence that William produced machines for harvesting and thrashing flax.

   In 1862 Marshalls marketed the J&F Howard’s “Round-About” system of cable operated cultivation powered by a Marshall portable. The 1865 catalogue listed a range of fixed and portable grinding mills for wheat & Barley etc, flour dressing mills, circular saw benches and also mortar, clay and pug mills. In 1897 a new range of living vans, 2 wheeled carts and traction wagons was introduced.

   In 1920 the locomobile became an important product in the Marshall range and a simpler and cheaper flax harvesting machinery was introduced. A new department for the development of 2 and 4 stroke oil engines was set up in 1921 and in 1932 about 20 oil drilling rigs were manufactured for Russia.

   Marshalls acquired the sole European manufacturing rights to build the American Cummer bituminous asphalt plant in 1923 and by 1927 production had been extended to include a full range of machines for crushing, granulating, pulverising, screening, washing and drying stone, sand and gravel.    In 1962 a new company, Aqua-Chem International Ltd., was established to handle the sales and marketing of distillation plant.

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