Tractor Manufacture from 1906 to 1998

Although the first exploration into oil driven tractors was around 1906, steam was still dominant in the home markets.

However, the need for cultivation of large Australian & Canadian prairies, where there was a lack of coal, straw and water, lead to the development of the first oil driven tractors.

These massive machines resembled the steam traction engines and were produced up until World War 1. During the war production moved from agricultural products to munitions.

It was not until the 1930s that Marshalls again ventured into the tractor market. Technology had now moved on and they saw an opportunity to build a full diesel tractor for home and abroad.

The first tractor to go into production was the 15/30 in 1930. This developed into the renown Field Marshall tractor which was manufactured from 1945 to 1957 and the Track Marshall range from 1956 up to 1998. The following pages will give you an indication of how many tractor derivatives Marshalls produced in this period.

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