World War 1 and 2

   World Wars History

World War 1

   In 1915 contracts were received from the Admiralty for lift and force pumps, parts for the 13 pound quick firing guns and for the Colonial oil tractors for use as army haulage tractors. Women were recruited for the first time in 1917 and large orders were received for fuses and percussion caps for 6” Howitzer chemical shells. Also in 1917, Marshalls received their first contract from the government to build 100 Bristol F2.B two seater reconnaissance aircraft fitted with sunbeam ‘Arab’ engines.

    From 1914 to 1918, Marshalls built for both the British & French governments:-8,000 military vehicles including gun carriages, wagons, water carts, mobile workshops and officers mess carts, 1,597 4” naval gun mountings,  shells, shell fuses, trench pumps, artillery wheels, ammunition boxes and 4.7 mark VI gun mountings.

World War 2

 By 1940 major contracts for 4” twin gun mountings had been received, to be delivered at the rate of six per month. These were followed by orders from the War Office for 5” gun mountings, twin barrel low angle anti-attack gun mountings, destroyer ammunition hoists, gun carriages, 2 pound anti-tank gun mountings, 2” anti-attack guns and17 pound anti-attack guns. In 1943 an order for two midget submarines, known as X Craft was placed. Throughout the war Marshalls also built wooden and all steel SM thrashing machines, portable steam engines and a few traction engines.

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